Our Mission & Vision

Promotion of the brand, production and supply of tiling tools and equipment of highest quality, as the best expression of “made in Italy”, compose the main mission of the Battipav company.

Continuous innovation, evolution and development are the main traits of the vision of Battipav, which wants to be the best Partner of every professional in the building field, able to offer the best quality technical solutions 100% made in Italy with the unsurpassed value for money ratio and high attention to safety and comfort.

Key Points


The system which makes the storage of the machine much easier. This system ensures more rigidity and steadiness when operating, and allows to stack up to three machines on one pallet. This reduces the encumbrance of the machine by eliminating the packaging.


Diamond blade cooling system. It works on the three vital points of the diamond tool: on the front and on both sides of the rim. It has great efficiency also in the mitre (45°) cuts. It prevents cutting dust and improves the life of the diamond tool, by creating a flow of misty water inside the blade guard.


Water-decanting system:
The original shape of the water tray prevents the grout to accumulate in the pump area, so allowing the pump to use always clean water.


(Water for Cutting): this trademark represents the winning association between submersible pump and masonry saw. The trademark symbolizes originality and high quality.


BATTIPAV is the only company on the market to fully manufacture its own electric motors.
Designed and developed specifi cally for the service they are providing, with HIGH PERFORMANCE at the RIGHT ABSORPTION and with a shape and size capable to be 100% INTEGRATED in our frames.


Lower weight: handling and stability maintaining the required structural strength.

Patented profile that permits an easy mounting with no welds


All our machines are extremely precise: all the carriages, from manual tile cutters to sliding tables (on masonry saws) and motor supports (on bridge saws) are equipped with steel ball bearings in order to guarantee the highest precision, the smoothest movement and a long life.


Battipav is proud to design, develop and manufacture the most important components of any electric saw and manual tile cutter, inside their factory.


  • 3140Electric motor: designed inside our Research & Development Dept., according to the specific requirements of our machines.
    Every part is assembled and tested by our technical staff.
  • Frame: patented, made of innovative extruded aluminium, according to the requirements of 3134very solid and rigid.
  • Pump: 3129 professional pump for diamond blade cooling. It is fully manufactured inside our factory.


  • Strong body: made in aluminium draw-plate to get the maximun of rigidity and lightness at the same time.
  • Interchangeable stainless steel cutting line